6/11/2014 I was informed by a friend that there was a game breaking glitch in the Android version of Episode I, so I uploaded a fixed version. Just head for the Download section!
4/19/2014 First of all, I'm sorry for that one last delay. The uploading process took much longer than I anticipated. Let that be my last mistake on this project. Anyway, behold! Thanatos Contract Episode III: Shiniablo is now available to download! The conclusion to Virgil Birmire's plight to save his brother from the clutches of Mr. Smiles is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. An Android version might come later, but these will be the platforms for the time being. So, please try the game out. And as always, let me know what you think! I'm a big boy. The game went through extensive beta testing, but if you do manage to run across a glitch, spelling/grammar error, or anything at all, let me know! Thanks again for your continued patience and support! Oh, one last tidbit, I also updated the Story and Features sections, if you would like to check them out.
4/12/2014 In celebration of Thanatos Contract Episode III: Shiniablo's release next week (seriously this time!), I have uploaded the Android version of Thanatos Contract Episode I: Offline Meeting to the Download section. Tablets would be the preferred device to play it on, as it may not look quite so well on phones. Episode II might take a while, simply because I need to go back and rework all of the imagemaps, which the Shiniablo message board was nothing but imagemaps. But anyway, Episode III will be released next Friday, April 18th! Hang in there!
3/28/2014 I am pleased to announce that Thanatos Contract Episode III: Shiniablo will be releasing on April 18th, 2014! Thanks for everyone's patience! In the mean time, here's the final trailer.
2/23/2014 Long time no see! If you haven't checked out the latest screenshot for Episode III at our DeviantArt group page, the release date for Thanatos Contract Episode III: Shiniablo has been announced! Well, sort of. We're aiming for the month of April to get everything completed. I'm trying to lay down the law, because I've been way too relaxed when it comes to being a leader, but I thought a deadline would hopefully whip us all into shape. The artwork is near completion and I've heard back from the majority of my game testers, but I hope to hear back from more by the end of the month. Also, with the latest version of Ren'Py, I was finally able to figure out how to port games to Android! I tested out the first game on two different Android devices and it worked out pretty well! I have to clean it up a bit, though. For some reason, one of the picture files was missing so the game crashed, but I quickly fixed that. Also, I'm thinking I might have to enlarge some of the dialogue box buttons, since they are kind of small and hard to click on on smaller devices. But since it is a possibility, I'm really tempted to port all 3 games onto the Android platform eventually. I know it has been dead quite, but I hope this announcement gets you ready for the final entry in the Thanatos Contract trilogy! Have a nice day, everyone!
10/20/2013 Hello, everyone. I know it's been a loooong time since I've updated the site (nearly 5 months? Shame on me), so I apologize. Project status: The bulk of the game is programmed. I've played through it twice now and squashed most of the biggest game breaking glitches. Since then, I've been working on the extra content. As I've said previously, the game has multiple different endings, a third ending unlocking after you get both AnimeFan21's and Dominique's endings. Along with that, there will be the usual art gallery. But a new feature I'm adding is a deleted scenes gallery, which includes scenes I've cut from the series for one reason or another, such as the myriad of scrapped endings. I had a lot more of those than I expected, so that's what is mostly taking up my time. I should be sending out a beta version of the game to some of my loyal play testers in the near future.

tl;dr, will the game come out this year? At this point...I really want it to, but I think it is ultimately outside of my control. We still have a lot to get finished, even with the coding just about wrapped up. I'm sorry, but it looks like it might slip into 2014. There goes my New Year's Resolution, two years in a row. >_< But we'll see, we'll see.

In the mean time, if you haven't checked out the demo to episode III yet, I highly recommend heading over to the Download section.
5/28/2013 The Mac version of the episode III demo is now available! Just head on over to the Download section. Let me know what you think on our DeviantArt group page!
5/27/2013 Two years ago today, Thanatos Contract Episode I: Offline Meeting was released. I didn't really think it would take quite so long to get the series done, but it's been one heck of a learning experience. Now, what would be a better way to celebrate but with a demo for episode III! Just head on over to the Download section and give it a try! My internet is limited, so I only have the Windows version uploaded, but I should fix that in the next few days. Since the game is still in production, not everything you see is finalized (I still want to work on the GUI for the texting sequences). If you see any bugs, spelling/grammar, etc. issues, please let me know! As I've said in the past, I'm a big boy; I can handle constructive criticism.
5/6/2013 From now on, everything Thanatos Contract related will be located here at thanatoscontract.net. Along with this announcement, I bring you a new teaser trailer for Thanatos Contract Episode III: Shiniablo. The episode will be the final entry in the series and features multiple endings based on your friendship with AnimeFan21 and Dominique. I apologize for the long wait, but hang in there a bit longer!
11/15/2012 After rewriting the ending many times, the script is nearing completion. However, what I really wanted to mention is that the themes for Episode I and II, A Thousand Angels and Nightingale respectively, were originally sung by Rachel Macwhirter. As such, Saturncrow was credited falsely. I do apologize for the misunderstanding. Rachel is graciously allowing us to continue using the songs so long as she is credited, which I will be updating the first two episodes credits to reflect this. Credit should go to where credit is due.
5/2/2012 With TCII having been downloaded over 100 times, I thought I would celebrate by editing the game a bit. I took the feedback I received and made some changes. Also, I added a little extra to the Extra Preview. You can find version 002 here on the Download page. Thanks for playing! Tell me if I need to make any further corrections.
3/7/2012 Finally, after ten months of waiting, Thanatos Contract Episode II: Confrontation is now available to download! You can find it in the Download section. I must thank my team, which has grown a bit since the days of just Kat and myself. Thank you. And I thank the fans that we do have. I know our following isn't huge, but that isn't what matters. As long as someone out there is enjoying Thanatos Contract, I still have the drive to continue the series. Thank you! As always, if you find anything wrong with the game, gameplay or writing wise, tell me. I'm a big boy; I can handle constructive criticism. Have fun!
2/22/2012 The Credit section has been updated to reflect that Jade Leamcharaskul has created some original tracks for Episode II! We hope to work together in the future for Episode III! You can find her own promising visual novel-esque project, Hungry Whispers, here.

Furthermore, Thanatos Contract Episode II: Confrontation has entered the testing phase! Whenever the game is fully fixed of glitches and the like, Episode II will FINALLY be released! For the billionth time, I apologize for the wait.
1/20/2012 I know it's been a looong time since Episode II began development with little results. I'm sorry. However! Head over to the Download section and download the Episode II demo! If you find any errors or have any suggestions at all, please let me know! Any criticism is good for improvement.
12/11/2011 An updated profile for AnimeFan21 has been added to the Characters section, showing his actual appearance along with more insight into his background. With Kat and I getting more free time soon, I believe production on Episode II will increase significantly. Sorry for the wait! In the mean time, check out the Thanatos Contract DeviantArt group.
11/9/2011 In the Download section are links to version 002 of Thanatos Contract Episode I. The new version has a much smaller download size (around 85mb in comparison to the original 150 mb), a few grammar and spelling errors corrected, and click-to-progress credits. Otherwise, it's the same game. If there are any errors, please let me know!
10/31/2011 Happy Halloween, everyone! I apologize for the slowness on Episode II. Complications have popped up amongst our two person team, so hang tight. We're going to finish episode II eventually, but in the mean time check out the new DeviantArt group page.
9/6/2011 A trailer for Episode II, showing off new gameplay features and a tease for the new character, can be found here
8/31/2011 As part of the Visual Novel Festival 2011, Thanatos Contract has received its first review, getting an overall score of 4/5! Check it out here.
07/24/2011 Victor Birmire has been added to the Character section. The Credits have been revised. Also, episode II has entered the editing process! Stay tuned for more info.
07/16/2011 Story for episode II, Confrontation, has been added to the Story section. Mrs. Birmire has been added to the Character section. The credits have been revised.
06/07/2011 Website overhaul complete!
05/27/2011 The first episode of Thanatos Contract is now available to download! You can find it available in Windows, Mac, and Linux format in the Download section. Also, the website should be getting a big overhaul soon courtesy of a friend, so please be aware.
05/04/2011 The #VisualNovel group on DeviantArt is having a visual novel competition starting on June 1st. Katrina and I have decided to complete the first episode of Thanatos Contract before then in order to enter it! Let's hope we can make the deadline.
04/26/2011 The character section has been updated with the final Mr. Smiles design and Virgil's picture in color.
Also, an improved design of the Autumn Gray map has been posted in the features section.
04/25/2011 In honor of the one year anniversary I have put together a new trailer that shows off the gameplay features of Thanatos Contract and reveals some story segments.
04/04/2011 Well, not much of an update, but the 25th of this month will mark the one anniversary when Katrina and I made the contract to make Thanatos Contract.
...*grasshoppers chirp*...
Anyway, expect something Thanatos Contract related to happen that day. In the mean time, I have been uploading new screenshots, which you can always find here
2/25/2011 Here is a video I recorded early in development.
As you may have noticed, a lot of the visuals have changed since then, such as the font, buttons, etc.
02/20/2011 Story, Features, and Credits sections have been updated.
Voice acting survey also added to the home page.